Rules and FAQ

This portion is still a work in progress, so in the meantime we’re going to outline a few important points:

  • In general, we use the same ruleset that’s used in the Pinball NYC league. The full rules can be found on the Pinball NYC website, but the basic structure is as follows:
    • Each team plays a total of four rounds. The first two rounds are “doubles” rounds, the last two are “singles” rounds.
    • Doubles rounds consist of two players from each team playing a four player game on one machine. At the end of the game, the total scores of both players on each team are tallied and the higher score is awarded two match points. There are two doubles games in each doubles round. Any given combination of players can only play one doubles game in a match (any one player may play in both doubles rounds, but they cannot play with the same doubles partner again in the second round).
    • Singles rounds consist of one player from each side playing a two-player game on one machine. The winner of the singles game is awarded one match point. There are four singles games in each singles round.
    • Each player that is present for the match must play in at least one doubles game and one singles game.
    • Each player may only play in one game per round.
    • At least two different machines need to be declared in any given round if a bar has more than one working machine. However, one machine may only be picked a maximum of two times per round.
    • Each team consists of eight players, and at least a minimum of four need to be present to play without penalty. Teams with three players may still play, but the team will forfeit two singles games and must have one player play a doubles game without a partner.
  • The Pinball NYC ruleset applies in all situations, with the following exceptions:
    • In tiebreakers, teams are not allowed to select a single pair of players to play through a split flipper game. In lieu of that, the home team (who declares machine and format in tiebreakers) may choose between a single player and a split flipper pairing on a per-ball basis.
      • The home team declares the machine, the format for each ball, and the players playing for each ball (for example, the home team may put player A first, players B and C playing split flipper for ball two, and player D playing ball three).
      • The away team must match the format decided by the home team (in the same example as above, the away team must use a split flipper pairing for ball two and single players for balls one and three. The away team would then put player W playing ball one, players X and Y playing split flipper on ball two, and player Z playing ball three).
      • No player may play more than once during a tiebreaker, and the home team may not declare a format that forces one team to play a player more than once. If one team has five players, then there can be a maximum of two split flipper pairings in the tiebreaker. If one team has four players, then only one split flipper pairing may be used.
  • Players are allowed to play extra balls earned during the games, except during tiebreakers.
  • All matches start at 8PM, unless otherwise agreed upon by both teams.
  • Results of matches should be sent to the South Slope Pinball e-mail address once the match is complete.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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