Welcome to South Slope Pinball!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the official site for the South Slope Pinball league.¬†You’ll find participating bars, games, the schedule, and the roster at this site. Scores will be updated each week after the match.

A few quick Dos and Don’ts:


  • Take the time to get to know your new teammates. This is one of the reasons we did a random drawing when creating the roster.
  • Enjoy delicious beverages while you play.
  • Tip your bartenders!


  • Add extra people to your roster without first checking with Jenn.
  • Get wasted and start shit with people or mess with someone’s game.
  • Take this thing too seriously. It’s pinball. No one is going to cure cancer by getting a high score on Metallica.

As always, you can email southslopepinball@gmail.com with any questions/comments, or leave a comment on this website.

Enjoy the games!