Venues For Round 3

The scores from Round 2 have been posted and the matchups and venues have been posted to the scores page. Note that doubles and singles rounds for both the championship game and the third place game will be played at two different venues. The championship game will start at Commonwealth for both doubles rounds, then the match will move across the street to The Fifth Estate for singles. The third place game will go the opposite direction – doubles will be played at Fifth Estate, and the singles rounds will be played at Commonwealth.

Best of luck to everyone this week!


Playoff Schedule

Hey everyone,

The first round of the playoffs starts today. The “Scores and Schedule” page will list all of the matchups for this week and following weeks as they unfold. Also, a loss does not mean the end of the season – all eight teams will be playing matches through all three weeks of the playoffs. The schedule for the playoffs will look like this:


Round 1:

(1) Mission Dolores @ The Monro

(2) The Owl Farm @ Commonwealth

(3) Bar Great Harry @ High Dive

(4) Skylark @ Fifth Estate


Round 2 (all matches will take place at the higher seeded bar):

(5) Winner of (2) vs. Winner of (1)

(6) Winner of (3) vs. Winner of (4)

(7) Loser of (2) vs. Loser of (1)

(8) Loser of (3) vs. Loser of (4)


Round 3 (all matches will take place at a neutral venue):

(9) Winner of (5) vs. Winner of (6)

(10) Loser of (5) vs. Loser of (6)

(11) Winner of (7) vs. Winner of (8)

(12) Loser of (7) vs. Loser of (8)


Good luck to everyone tonight!

Final Decision on Playoff Format

I’ve been getting a few questions lately about the playoff format, which I haven’t been very good about responding to as of late because Chris and I have been re-thinking the format that was somewhat tenuously decided upon at the beginning of the season. The original decision was to have only the top four teams make the playoffs. However, we have now decided against this as we think it goes against the original intent of the league. As of now, all eight teams will make the playoffs. Full reasoning is given below:

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An Explanation Of The New Statistics Page

Last night I posted a new page to the website detailing individual stats for the top 10 or so players in a few categories in the league. I’ve been working on this for about two weeks, most of the work was developing a method to analyze everyone’s results given the results from all of the scoresheets that have been submitted to me. It took me a little while to feel comfortable enough with how the numbers shook out to at least post a draft version of it for everyone to see. At this point, there are four categories of statistics available: Two of the categories (Attempts and Wins) should be pretty self-explanatory, Attempts is simply the number of times one individual has played in a game over the course of the season and Wins is the number of times the individual has won. The other two metrics, Total Score and Raw Score, are a little more complicated and require some explanation.

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Week 2 Update

All scores and standings are updated through week 2. Please remember to send the scores to us after the match! You can send them to the league e-mail, you can use the “Contact Us” link above and send us the score, or you can let us know over Facebook or in person. Also, please send a picture of the scoresheet if you can. At the very least, put the scoresheet back in the envelope or give the scoresheet to the bartender after the match.

This rule change was sent out previously through e-mail, but also as a reminder – during tiebreakers, the home team may select whether or not to play with a single player or with two player playing split flipper on a per-ball basis, and the away team must match the format specified by the home team. More details about this rule can be found on the “Rules and FAQ” page.

Best of luck in week 3!

Site Updates – 2014 Summer League Rosters And Schedules

Hey all,

First, thank you to everyone who came to the pre-season party last night! It was such a fun time and I’m glad I got to meet many of the new players that have joined the league this season. It was a lot of fun to set up the draft and I’m glad it went as successfully as it did. Looking forward to a fun season for everyone!

Anyways, the rosters and schedules for each team have been posted here, as well as to the Facebook group and the e-mail list. I’m planning on putting a lot more work into this site over the course of the next couple of weeks, most of which involve tidying up the tabs and adding a section for rules and frequently asked questions. I’m planning on using this site as the primary point for league announcements, in addition to reporting weekly scores and standings updates. Be sure to check back here often, and we’ll see you on the season opener (June 16th)!

– Derek