Week 2 Update

All scores and standings are updated through week 2. Please remember to send the scores to us after the match! You can send them to the league e-mail, you can use the “Contact Us” link above and send us the score, or you can let us know over Facebook or in person. Also, please send a picture of the scoresheet if you can. At the very least, put the scoresheet back in the envelope or give the scoresheet to the bartender after the match.

This rule change was sent out previously through e-mail, but also as a reminder – during tiebreakers, the home team may select whether or not to play with a single player or with two player playing split flipper on a per-ball basis, and the away team must match the format specified by the home team. More details about this rule can be found on the “Rules and FAQ” page.

Best of luck in week 3!


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